Our Story

Live and Blossom is breaking the curse of dieting, body shaming and loathing, low self-esteem, and fear.

The story of Live and Blossom is much like the process of making my favorite gem, the Pearl. Known and cherished for their natural beauty and purity, the most prized pearls are lustrous, perfectly round, stunning and flawless. They are formed at the end of a long, difficult, and organic process, which begins when an oyster secrets layers upon layers of nacre to protect itself from an irritant in its shell. Eating disorder was the irritant that begun with anorexia in my early teens. 7 years later, it had spiraled completely out of control and I sought professional help. The principles, commitment, know how, integrity, and passion on which our company thrive were cultivated during another 7 years journey to breaking free from eating disorder. 

Live and Blossom is a story of God's mercy, love, faithfulness, and redeeming power that brought complete freedom from 14 stormy years of an overwhelming struggle and battle with eating disorders, food addiction, compulsive eating and overeating, fear, anxiety, low self esteem, shame, and depression. 

One of our greatest passions and the heart beat of our company is Freedom. We invite you to imbibe and thrive on a seamless wholefoods culture that is completely devoid of dieting, food restrictions, calorie counting, food fads, guilt, and fears. With deep gratitude, we cherish and enjoy our dining experience, and receive with thanksgiving, alive, wholefoods. We enjoy them in freedom with self control, moderation, and balance.

Disclosure of ingredients. ​


We want you to be comfortable and rest assured that we have done our homework in choosing every single ingredient we use in our products. We set very high standards because we care. From little things like using aluminum free baking powder in our baked goods, to unrefined sea salt, to baking at a certain temperature, to using baking pans that will not leach harmful chemicals into your foods, to our packaging, and the exclusive use of whole grains, raw unrefined sugar, raw fresh tasting nuts and seeds, we are all about choosing the best in whole foods.


We will NEVER add any vitamins to our foods, or use any products that contain added vitamins because we strongly believe whole foods have their whole food vitamins intact. Eating a variety of whole foods would help you maximize their benefits.