Hold my Mule

“Whether you eat well or exercise, it doesn’t matter. It is God who protects.”

“Life is vanity, upon vanity. All is vanity. Death is inevitable.”

“What difference does it make? One could be eating all healthy now, and die in an automobile accident later.”

You may have heard one or more of the above statements or something similar, which are often given in defense of not making wholefoods and exercise priority.

Meet Dana. She says she used to be blissfully ignorant, and she loved it until her husband was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in 2013. He passed away only 7 months and 11 days after their wedding. According to her, after he was diagnosed with cancer, they began making lifestyle changes. They began buying organic produce, drinking green juices every morning, and stopped eating fast foods.

“When he was diagnosed with cancer, we made lifestyle changes. Changes that had we been more informed, we should have made earlier.”- Dana

This morning, we read about the steps Moses’ mother took to protect the baby Moses from being killed by Pharaoh. If you know this story, do revisit it, and slowly ponder on her actions. From the way she crafted the child’s nest, to her attention to detail in ensuring that it stayed secured by the river bank until he was rescued, her application of wisdom is laudable. Yet, even before Moses was born, he had been ordained by the Lord to lead His children out of Egypt. Why didn’t God just restrain the eyes of those who were after the child’s life? After all, He knew Moses was on a mission. His mission! Throughout the bible, we see how some of God’s children walked carefully and obediently, applying wisdom to escape danger and to fulfill their purpose. When Jesus was born, twice God instructed his parents to take refuge elsewhere because the child’s life was sought. If our heroes of faith were not passive, but attentive and obedient to wise counsel while still putting their faith into action; we ourselves ought also to come up higher.

We don’t sit back and fold our hands. We give to the Lord what we have and He multiplies it. We don't eat and dine, feasting ignorantly on foods that do not profit us, then begin to degree and declare what we want when faced with the consequences of years of food abuse and sedentary living. Why would we want to exercise faith to believe for healing in sickness, but neglect to ask for the wisdom, faith, and tenacity to embark on preventive measures? In applying the wisdom of God, we willfully seek, choose, and enjoy functional living foods that God has provided for the nourishment and upkeep of our physical bodies.

When I meet anyone who gives the least attention to wholefoods and exercise, and gleefully makes the statements in the opening of this article, I am reminded of one of three servants given talents in a bible parable. On the day he was to give an account of what had been entrusted to him, this servant, having buried his talent without using it for his master’s profit said to his master, “Lord, I knew you to be a hard man, reaping where you have not sown, and gathering where you have not scattered seed.” What a foolish attitude that servant had.

Yes, we know that life is vanity, but we are accountable even for that which we have been given. Have you been a good steward of this magnificent and amazing body created by God? Do you do your best to take good care of it by feeding it right and conditioning it through exercise, or do you whether by ignorance or choice contribute to its deterioration?

So, how do we respond to those who are content with being blissfully ignorant? Those who like to say “Yeah, we’re all going to die someday. Something’s going to kill one anyways.” Well, I’ll borrow the Southern expression, “you just hold my mule while I tie my shoe laces. I am going to get my praise on as I exercise this body."

Look what the Lord gave to us, look what this body can do. Give it back to the Lord in worship. The alternative to give excuses of not having enough time, yet find time to watch inane TV shows, listen to and contribute to gossip, visit gossip websites, mind other people’s business, spend time on social media, and feed the body cheap junk foods fueled by man’s greed for profit at the expense of man’s health is a terrible alternative. Refuse to be a slave. Rise above the power and control of belly god and set yourself free from the grip of laziness. Excuses be gone! Go get your praise on.

Au santé!

Live and Blossom

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