Right Where I am

September 2017, days before schools resumed, l was very anxious, and would often think to myself “How am l going to cope with a baby and two other very young children, create time to pray and read develop my self spiritually, manage my time and meet up with deadlines, handle the daily traffic and manage the stress of driving in a busy city where there are more cars than roads, juggle school runs, children's home work, home chores, making meals, Live and Blossom, and more?”

My colleague Dupe had sent me a reminder on the first day of school that God's grace would see us through running our company and managing all other affairs. It was very reassuring. So, confronted by the distraction of fear and worry, I tried to focus on trusting in the Lord. Despite the challenges we face busy mums and business owners, we also enjoy more times of laughter and joys both at home and at work. I am thankful for that. Yet there are times I am tempted to think everything could be perfect if I had certain things under my control. Perfection doesn’t seem to exist. Rather, we see more of ironies. Our perspective and attitude in the imperfect situations that confront us could very well define the quality of our lives.

How ironic it is that some people are anxious to get married, believing that if only they were joined with right person, their lives would be so much happier. Then, there are others who seem like a match made in heaven, but after getting married and realizing that their marriage wasn't the happily ever after tale that was once envisioned, give up on marriage, and swear never again to be married.

The need of someone whose life hangs in the balance is for a chance to beat an illness and live, yet another consciously and deliberately puts an end to their own life because it has become too painful and unbearable to keep living.

The greatest desire for someone is to experience motherhood or fatherhood, and oh how they long for just 1 child. Yet, for some others, after having several children and deciding they want no more; they lose sleep over the possibility of having another child.

Oh the joy of a woman who has longed for a child when she finally gets a positive result, and oh the "anxiety, fear, helplessness, and tears of a woman who thought she has had enough of child bearing, only to discover another baby on the way when she least expected.

For some, in the midst of an abundance of food, they fear overeating and throwing caution to the wind. They battle with guilt just from eating, and in trying to fight the temptation to over indulge, they pass on certain foods. Their struggle is real! Food is a problem, but it is not a problem in similar terms to a person who is hungry and starving, and does not know where the next meal would come from.

For some in Africa, freedom is a one way ticket to a country in North America, Europe, or even Australia, but for some others, freedom is leaving their homes and comfort zones, and coming to Africa to serve others and take risks to establish ideas that at one time were only dreams.

Ironies in life show us that our needs and wants vary. Yet, it does not matter how small or insignificant what you are going through might be to someone else. If it bothers you, it is significant enough, and you should take it to the Lord in prayer. Many times we are in the waiting- waiting for children to be grown and independent, waiting for the gift of children, waiting to be employed, waiting to be married, waiting to own a home, or waiting to start a business. While we are in the waiting, we trust in the love and infinite wisdom of our heavenly Father, and we should be comforted that nothing is wasted in the hands of our Redeemer. Do not stop hoping, trusting, dreaming, and believing, but give thanks right where you are now, and maximize each moment with diligence, service, and love towards others.

Ecclesiastes 9:11: "I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all."

Here are the Lyrics of another powerful song by one of my favorite people , Shannon Wexelberg:

Right Where I Am (lyrics)

I could tune my ear to a bitter song

Or choose hope’s melody

I could curse the ground that I’m standing on

Or pray for dancing feet

I could shout at Heaven when rain pours down Pounding hard on me

Or I could cup my hands and drink of You Whatever this life brings

You are good, You are good

Though I may not understand

You are good, You are good

I give thanks right where I am

I could count the cracks in my wounded soul

Or splash in healing oil

I could break down on this broken road

Or run through fields of joy

I could count the ways I wish my life had turned out differently

Or awaken to each gift of grace this pain has helped me see

Today will never come again

These moments passing by

Packaged in my deepest ache are treasures in disguise

The sweetest gifts I’ve ever known from Your tender hand

I could not have guessed they would have come

Come the way You planned......

words & music by Shannon J. Wexelberg c2012 Shanny Banny Music / BMI / International Copyright Secured Used by permission.

#treasuresindisguise #healing #hope #strength #encouragement #thanksgiving #givethanks #waiting #anxiety #fear #trust

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